Marc Lamkin

Marc was born in Louisiana amongst the heat, alligators and snakes. After graduating from Louisiana Tech University with a degree in Sociology he left Louisiana roaming the country working jobs that had nothing to do with his degree in Sociology: A cannery in Washington State, door to door selling in San Francisco (had enough doors slammed in his face to part his hair), managed a restaurant in Colorado, worked in a dog kennel in Dallas, a candy factory in New Jersey and more oil fields jobs than you can count. Once while living in a tent in Washington State Marc borrowed a friend's camera and the fever struck. With a photography career in mind he returned to college and received another degree this one in Photojournalism from the University of Missouri School of Journalism.

After working for newspapers Marc struck out on his own freelancing for magazines and ad agencies. Once while photographing a new building for a business magazine he was gob smacked with another passion, this one being architectural photography. Marc has been an architectural photographer for nearly forty years but all along the way still likes photographing landscapes, people and anything interesting that catches his eye.

Through all the changes Marc's family has been supportive in helping him follow his dream of making a living as a photographer. Without their help he may still be working in a factory and living in a tent.